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Cornish creatures: summer wildlife spotting in St Ives

There was a blue shark spotted in St Ives harbour earlier this summer. Exciting stuff; but before we all get carried away with St Ives as the new Amity Island, the blue shark is not a typical summer visitor. However, our Gulf-stream climate and warm seas do attract some fabulous and fascinating creatures.

Who do we usually share our waters, skies and land with?

Introducing our new reception, shop and apartments!

We never like to stand still at Polmanter!
Its been our biggest challenge yet, but we’re so excited to be able to share our new reception and shop space, and introduce our new luxury self-catered apartments.

Polmanter’s commitment to sustainability

As the environmental damage caused by pollution and waste becomes increasingly apparent, it’s up to all of us to help protect our planet. At Polmanter, we’ve been making changes wherever we can. Here are some of the new products and practices we’ve introduced.