Flotsam Flo: Using plastic waste sustainably

29th June 2023

We’ve joined forces with Flotsam Flo to collect our guests plastic waste that is otherwise difficult to recycle.


They will then turn this ‘rubbish’ into fashion items, including bags and accessories, and these items are sold online, as well as right here on site, in our shop!

Who are Flotsam Flo?

Flotsam Flo was started by Kate in 2021. Kate wanted to make a change to the amount of plastic materials that were ending up in landfill year after a year. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental issues we face and it not only has an impact on our own health but it destroys our wildlife and our oceans.

What do Flotsam Flo do?

Being from Cornwall, Kate recognised the amount of plastic items, particularly wetsuits, inflatables, paddling pools and more, that people were using and then discarding. PVC is one of the hardest materials to recycle, often ending up in the sea or landfill and neoprene can take up to 100 years to biodegrade. Being a naturally creative person, Kate had a vision that these unwanted items could be repurposed for others to enjoy and prevent plastic pollution at the same time. She had already been practising sustainability by experimenting with reclaimed fabrics and sewing so it was only natural to see if the same could be done with plastics.

From strength to strength

In 2019, Kate found out some terrifying news. After experiencing unexplained head pain, the doctors told her she had a bleed on the brain. After spending time in hospital, she was thankfully ok but it taught her a very valuable life lesson which was to follow her dream and not give up as tomorrow is never promised. She quit her teaching job and pursued Flotsam Flo shortly after. In 2022, Kate managed to get onto the Cultivator Cornwall programme which took everything to the next level for Flotsam Flo. She was able to get a grant, a mentor and best of all, a partnership with Biffa, who are now supporting her.

How to support 

Flotsam Flo have an online shop where you can see Kate’s creations and purchase them if something catches your eye. From bags that used to be inflatables and even brooches that were once paddling pools, the online shop is a great way to support this business and get something cool in return. Not only would your purchase be a sustainable one, but also, completely unique!

So, how does this tie in with us at Polmanter?

If you think you’ve got something Flotsam Flo are after, find the recycling bin beside our Morvah amenity block. There is one rule… the item needs to be broken or no longer have a use. You might just see your old inflatable chair transformed into something fabulous.