A puzzling adventure in St Ives

21st August 2019

After succeeding in Escape Time St Ives’ ‘Chocolate Factory’ escape room earlier this year, Polmanter’s mini-management were excited to hear that it’s now possible to pit their wits against an outdoor challenge around beautiful St Ives.


We gathered our team of 8 and 11 yr olds, and caught the bus from the campsite to St Ives, and took the short walk up the hill to meet our Game Master, Jimmy at the Escape rooms.

We donned our dazzling yellow tabards, and Jimmy gave us a short briefing, and we were good to go!

Ready to go

We’d chosen the ‘Magic Portal’ and our first puzzle was right outside the door…. this was lucky, as it took us a minute to work out how to get started on the first puzzle, but we soon found our bearings, and knew that Jimmy was right there if we hadn’t sussed it out!

Our team led us around St Ives, following the story and map on an iPad, solving riddles and puzzles along the way with the help of items from our action pack. As you can see, we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day for it!

Outdoor puzzle games St Ives

Puzzling in St Ives

We can’t give away any further secrets, in case you fancy taking on the challenge too, but we can say that we managed to complete the 90 minute challenge, in <1 mile loop around St Ives, that brought us back to Escape Time, but only just….. with 34 seconds to spare!!

More information about Escape Time St Ives’ indoor and outdoor puzzle games can be found at

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