Our latest work in progress…

22nd February 2021

After the crazy year of 2020, we decided we needed to keep looking forwards, and so we’ve got stuck into our next project – an update for the swimming pool!


As one of our most popular facilities on the site, we earmarked this area for a bit of a face lift and extension, so more of our guests can relax poolside and enjoy the Cornish sun.

Works started back in December, starting with the removal of all the paving slabs around the swimming pool and taking out the Cornish stone entrance and hedge line. Opening this space up was really exciting to see, as we could start to envisage how it would all come together having only looked at and reviewed drawn up plans.

Next on the list was stripping the swimming pool of its tiles and flattening the area around it so landscaping could begin.

Jump forward to February and the new fencing is up, helping to provide a fresh (and hopefully more sheltered) perimeter. The builders have been busy laying foundations for new paving, which on one day involved an enormous crane and multiple truck deliveries pumping tonnes of concrete!

Despite the miserable winter weather, with howling winds, torrential rain and even a light showering of snow, it’s not dampened the spirits of anyone involved in this project and so progress is bang on schedule.

Next up will be retiling the swimming pool, laying the new paving and putting in level access to the pool patio, making it more accessible for guests.

Everything is on track to open the swimming pool as usual in mid-May, and we can’t wait to share this new space with you.