Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

What will a holiday at Polmanter be like in 2021?

We know that holidays will continue to be impacted by the virus in 2021. We will keep precautions under regular review, so we can’t say exactly what this summer will bring, but can reassure you that we will keep the safety of guests and staff at the heart of our decisions throughout the season.

We will keep our Coronavirus blog page updated with the latest news, and we have introduced our Holiday Protection Plan for touring holidays, which can be added at or before the time of payment of your balance to protect your holiday against the event that Coronavirus illness or self-isolation unexpectedly affects your ability to take your holiday.

Here are our replies to the questions we’ve been asked most frequently so far – we’ve answered to the best of our knowledge as the guidance currently stands. We will keep updating, and adding information as we go along, and we won’t restrict facilities further than summarised below unless there’s a compelling reason to do so.

If there’s something else you need to know, drop us an email, FB message, or give us a call and we’ll do our best to answer.

What are your COVID-19 cancellation policies?

Please see our Touring and Self-Catering Terms and Conditions for full details, however, in summary:

If you, or we, are in ‘Lockdown’ legally prevented from holidaying, then we will arrange a full credit or a refund minus Direct costs (£15 for deposit only, £25 where deposit and balance need refunding).

We strongly recommend that you take out Travel Insurance, (or our Holiday Protection Plan if you are a campsite guest) to cover your holiday in the event of COVID-19 illness or self isolation, as we will not provide a refund in these circumstances.

What can you tell us about the facilities that will be available this summer?

Last year, we were relieved to hear the Prime Minister announce that shared facilities can be used on parks as long as they’re kept ‘clean’!

Regular guests will know we already aspire to better than ‘clean’, and we’ve also got plans and protocols in place to ensure that shared facilities are even more sparkling than ever.

We found that the measures in place last year were well received, and we had no known cases or transmission on site, which we feel was in part testament to the hard work of our team in keeping the facilities so spotlessly clean!


From Monday the 19th we recognise that the government have moved to Step 4 of the lockdown roadmap, and have removed legal restrictions on social contact.

We are however mindful that cases have been rising and are expected to continue to do so, and we have been advised to continue to carry out our own risk assessments and take necessary measures to protect guests and staff from the ongoing risk from Coronavirus.

We remain mindful that infection and transmission can occur, even between vaccinated people, and that many under 40s – including our younger staff – will not have the opportunity to be fully vaccinated before the end of the summer, so this season we need to continue to remain mindful of the risk of Coronavirus transmission in shared spaces.

From the 19th of July, all facilities apart from the Escape spa treatment rooms will be open, however, we will require the consideration and co-operation of guests alongside the efforts of our staff to reduce the risk of transmission.

Please follow the signposted advice at each facility do not be offended or frustrated with our staff if they ask you to consider wearing a mask or to queue outside a busy facility.

Will amenity blocks be open?

Our amenity blocks are now fully open – including toilets, showers, family rooms, baby bathrooms and dishwashing facilities.

The safest facilities to use will be your own on-board facilities if you are in a caravan or motorhome,  however, please see the questions below for the precautions we are taking, and the actions we ask of you to help keep yourselves, fellow guests and staff safe when using the amenity blocks this season.

Dishwashing facilities are also open, however we have also installed hot taps just outside the dishwashing rooms at each amenity block, for guests who prefer to fill a bowl and wash up back at their own pitch, rather than use the shared dishwashing rooms.

What precautions are you taking in shared shower/toilet blocks?

Previous visitors to Polmanter will know, that in our main amenity blocks there are 2 large rooms one for the ladies and one for gentlemen. These rooms contain toilet and shower cubicles, hand basins, (and urinals in the gents!).

These cubicles have tall partitions screening between each space, and to cope with the shower steam, we have air extraction above the cubicles, drawing air up and out of the building, which provides ventilation and risk reduction from the point of view of Coronavirus.

Even now we have moved to the next stage of restrictions we are asking guests to continue to wait outside the main toilet/shower facility until a cubicle is free, so that the number of people from separate households sharing the space is limited, and so social distancing can be properly observed.

When moving around the building, we continue to ask that you wear a mask or face covering if there are other households present, this can be removed once you are in a cubicle.

Please keep the duration of your visit as short as possible, and observe social distancing. 

We also have an accessible shower room in each block, as well as individual rooms with a toilet/shower/sink, and baby bathrooms. These are useful for families, but also for those who wish to be more cautious and reduce use of shared spaces – in Consols amenity block, these rooms can be accessed from outside, without even having to use a shared access corridor.


We already have full time cleaning staff – day and night – as it has always been important, when protecting guests from other potential contagious conditions, to clean often and thoroughly, but they have taken additional training around Coronavirus, and will be doing additional sanitisation rounds in between our ‘big cleans’ to sanitise frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, taps etc.

We will be using our usual cleaning products, alongside virucidal wipes and Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO), which offers a highly effective, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning solution, without the use of toxic chemicals! Both are tested to the EN 14476  standard recommended by the guidance.

Hair-dryers and hand dryers have been explored in the guidance, and we have been advised that hand dryers may continue to be used in shared and public toilet facilities.
Although the risk is unlikely to be high, we have been advised it is safest to avoid offering shared blow-dryers in the amenity block, so we have temporarily removed the dryers that we usually provide.
We recommend that if you are on a serviced pitch, that you dry your hair back at your caravan/motorhome/tent, but if you need to use your own hairdryer in the sockets provided, you may do so, but please still try to keep the duration of your stay as short as possible, and wear a mask or face covering when possible.


We recognise that we cannot easily insist upon any of the above, but we would like to remind all guests that these measures are for both your safety, and for that of other guests and cleaning staff, so we ask for your consideration and co-operation

We will provide hand soap, alcohol hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes for guests to help keep themselves safe whilst using the facility, and will mark out socially distanced queues to help ensure everyone knows where to go!

What is Tersano SAO?

One of our key sanitisation products is Tersano Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO).

SAO is used around the world in healthcare, food service, education and more, to sanitise surfaces, with no toxins, carcinogens, or chemical residue.

We use a 2-stage process, first cleaning the surface, with SAO or a detergent, followed by the second stage of sanitisation with SAO.

Tersano SAO kills viruses and bacteria, and meets the EN 14476 testing standard required when choosing a product that is effective against Coronavirus. It is most effective when in contact with the surface for 60 seconds.
You may see our staff using spray bottles / misting devices to help deliver the sanitiser, and they may leave the SAO to air dry, rather than wiping off.

Tersano SAO COVID-19 test results

SAO is harmless to humans, and only water and oxygen remains after sanitisation.

Will reception be open?

Yes, our team will be in reception as usual.

We will ask guests to queue outside at busy times, and to wear a mask and observe social distancing when entering the reception area, to help keep our staff safe and available to continue welcoming you to the site.

The team are also able to answer queries by email, phone, and FB messenger if you prefer.


Will the shop be open?

Yes, the site shop will be open. We recognise that the local supermarkets may be busy, and we’ll do our best to keep stocked with all the essentials you may need.

It will be accessed only from the main shop door, rather than also through reception, so that we can have a one-way system.

We will continue to limit numbers allowed in the shop at one time, so we ask that you try to shop alone where possible.
We also ask you to wear a mask, to sanitise your hands as you enter and to pay by card whenever possible, though cash payments can be taken.

Will the swimming pool be open?

Yes, we have reopened the swimming pool, and hope to keep it open until Sunday 19th of September.

As an outdoor facility, (and with Coronaviruses unable to survive in chlorinated water), we are no longer required to limit swimmer numbers for social distancing purposes from the 19th of July, but if you’d prefer a quieter dip, we usually find 9am-1pm less popular vs 2-6pm.

From Monday the 19th, although we continue to recommend that guests come ‘pool ready’ to swim, and return to their tent/caravan to change after swimming, changing rooms may now be used as well as the toilet facilities if required.

Swimmer numbers will continue to be monitored from a wider safety point of view, and we may still ask people to limit the duration of their visit at busy times.
Please read and adhere to the swimming pool rules before use, including supervision at all times of children under the age of 16 by an adult (0ver 18).

Will the Stable Bar and Restaurant be open?

Yes! We hope to be able to offer dining in and takeaway at The Stable Bar for the remainder of the 2021 season.

To protect staff and customers, screens will remain in place on the bar and the staff will continue to wear face coverings.

We would ask you to also wear a mask or face covering both when you arrive and when you move around the building, but these are not necessary once sitting at a table.

Many St Ives restaurants have had to close so far this season due to cases or requirement to self isolate amongst staff, and so we hope that these measures will help to avoid this happening at Polmanter too!

Although we will reserve some ‘walk-in’ tables for those who wish to drink only, or have not made a reservation – including all of the outdoor tables – we will continue to take table bookings, and we ask you to wait at the entrance on arrival to be seated by one of the team.

We will also continue to use ‘The Stable Bar at Polmanter’ app for both food and drink ordering when dining in or for takeaway, however if you do not have a smart phone, or have difficulty using the app, we are now able to take orders at the bar, which will be served to your table.


We’re pleased to bring back some of our usual entertainment again this year, and where possible, the weekly timetable will include Liz’s Quizzes on a Tuesday, Bingo on a Thursday, and live music on a Friday.

Will the bus service to St Ives be available?

Yes, Royal Buses are running their service to and from Polmanter again for 2021.

They will continue to ask that people consider wearing face coverings to protect their drivers and other passengers.

Local taxi firms have also risen to the challenge, and have followed guidance to install shields between drivers and passengers, offer contactless payment, and clean/ventilate the vehicle between journeys. It is likely that they will still ask you to wear a mask.
ACE cars and A1 Cars also offer a discounted rate of £5.50 for our guests into/out of St Ives.

The walk to and from St Ives is still lovely! It takes around 30mins on the way down – a little longer back, since it is quite hilly!

Will the children's play areas be open?

The outdoor and indoor play areas will be open from the 19th of July.

The outdoor play areas are available from 9am-9pm.

Our team use Tersano SAO to help sanitise the play equipment during the day, but we  continue to recommend that parents supervise their children to encourage social distancing and ensure the use of the hand sanitiser or hand washing both before and after play.

The indoor play area will re-open from 9.30am – 9pm for children aged 12 and under. Socks must be worn.

Adult supervision is essential at all times, and we would ask that you and your children wash your hands, or use the sanitiser provided, before and after play.

If there are others using the facility, we recommend that adults wear a face covering when moving around the space, but this could be removed when sitting at a table.

This facility will be closed at intervals throughout the day for extra cleaning


Will the games room be open?

The games room will be open from 9.30am – 10pm, alongside the change machine.

We would encourage those using this space to wash your hands, or use the sanitiser provided, before and after using the equipment.

Wearing a mask or face covering is advised when sharing the space with other households.

This facility will be closed at intervals throughout the day for extra cleaning.

Will the tennis courts be open?

Yes, the tennis courts will be available to book.
Rackets and balls are available to hire, but you may also bring your own.

Will the putting green be open?

Yes, and we will use virucidal wipes to clean the clubs and balls between guests.

Will the spa treatment rooms be open?

Unfortunately, beauty and massage treatment facilities such as Escape were not permitted to open in the 2020 season.
We therefore took the decision to temporarily close the facility in 2020, and we have not yet made plans to reopen, as it is uncertain whether there will be the demand for this service, or if it would be safe for staff or guests.

Our reception team can provide recommendations for alternative local facilities.

Will the laundry room be open?

Yes, the laundry room is open.

To promote safety, we recommend that you do not sit in the room to wait for your washing/drying to be complete.

We ask that you wear a mask or face covering in the laundry room if there are other households sharing the space.

You might want to bring your own laundry bag to make it easy to carry your laundry between the machines and back to your pitch once it is dry.

Will dishwashing facilities be open?

Yes, our dishwashing rooms at each amenity block are open. These will be cleaned regularly.

We ask that you wear a mask or face covering in the dishwashing room if there are other households sharing the space.

We have installed hot taps just outside the dishwashing rooms at each amenity block last year, for guests who preferred to fill a bowl and wash up back at their own pitch, rather than use the shared dishwashing rooms, so these may be helpful again this season!

Will chemical toilet disposal facilities be available?

Yes, chemical toilet disposal facilities are available, and are for the use of a single household at a time.

These rooms also have hand washing facilities for your use, and are cleaned regularly.

What facilities will be closed this summer?

In early June 2021, after half-term and the G7 summit, many restaurants and some hotels in St Ives were forced to close for several days or more, after staff contracted Coronavirus, or were required to self isolate due to contact with others who had.
Although we have been fortunate not to have been affected in this way so far, we are aware that this risk will remain, and may grow during the season ahead.

We anticipate that the Escape spa treatment rooms may remain closed for part or all of the 2021 season, but hope that the remainder of our facilities should be able to remain open through the consideration and co-operation of our guests, and continued efforts of our staff.

Please do not be offended or frustrated with our staff if they ask you to consider wearing a mask or to queue outside a busy facility.

If you have any specific queries or concerns, please feel free to email us on or call 01736 795640