Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

What will a holiday at Polmanter be like in 2020?

We recognise that no 2020 holiday is going to look quite the same as ‘normal’.
We can’t say exactly what this summer will bring, but we can reassure you that we will keep the safety of guests and staff at the heart of the decisions we make over the coming weeks.


We’d like to be able to offer socially distanced versions of all the facilities that you usually enjoy, but recognise that some can’t be made safe enough at this stage, and will regretfully have to be closed temporarily, or for the season.


Here are our replies to the questions we’ve been asked most frequently so far – we’ve answered to the best of our knowledge as the guidance currently stands. We will keep updating, and adding information as we go along, and we won’t restrict facilities further than summarised below unless there’s a compelling reason to do so.

If there’s something else you need to know, drop us an email, FB message, or give us a call and we’ll do our best to answer.

When is the campsite reopening?

We are reopening on the 4th of July 2020!

Can I arrive early and use the entrance field?

We are lucky at Polmanter to have an ‘Early Arrivals Area’, where you can park before check-in / moving on to your pitch

The field is available for guests who wish to travel during the night, and may need somewhere safe to park if you arrive early on their arrival day e.g. 4/5/6am before your pitch is ready.

Please note that we cannot accept guests to camp at Polmanter on the 3rd of July, and so you must not plan your journey to drive to us during the day, and hope to stay on the arrivals field for the night before your booking.

We’d hate to get into trouble with our neighbours and the council for breaking ‘lockdown’ by allowing camping on the site too soon, after waiting so patiently to reopen.


What can you tell us about the facilities that will be available this summer?

We were relieved to hear the Prime Minister announce that shared facilities can be used on parks as long as they’re kept ‘clean’!

Regular guests will know we already aspire to better than ‘clean’, and we’ve also got plans and protocols in place to ensure that shared facilities are even more sparkling than ever.

Its hard to give exact details, as we will need to respond to any evolving government guidance, and adjust if we find something’s not working, but we can give you an idea at this stage about what facilities we anticipate will and won’t be open in the questions below…

Will amenity blocks be open?

Yes, we intend that our amenity blocks – including toilets, showers, family rooms, and baby bathrooms, with the requirement for the guests using them to respect social distancing, and limit the time that they spend in the facility.

What precautions are you taking in shared shower/toilet blocks?

Previous visitors to Polmanter will know, that in our main amenity blocks there are 2 large rooms one for the ladies and one for gentlemen. These rooms contain toilet and shower cubicles, hand basins, (and urinals in the gents!).
These cubicles have tall partitions screening between each space, and to cope with the shower steam, we have air extraction above the cubicles, drawing air up and out of the building.
We will be asking guests to wait outside this room until a cubicle is free, so that the number of people in the room at once is limited, and so social distancing can be properly observed.

We also have an accessible shower room in each block, as well as individual rooms with a toilet/shower/sink, and baby bathrooms, which are useful for families. These will also be open.

We already have full time cleaning staff – day and night – as it has always been important, when protecting guests from other potential contagious conditions, to clean often and thoroughly, but they have taken additional training around Coronavirus, and will be doing additional sanitisation rounds in between our ‘big cleans’ to sanitise frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, taps etc.

We will be using our usual cleaning products, alongside virucidal wipes and Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO), which offers a highly effective, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning solution, without the use of toxic chemicals! Both are tested to the EN 14476  standard recommended by the guidance.

Hair-dryers and hand dryers have been explored in the guidance, and we have been advised not to allow blow-drying in the amenity block, so we will be removing the dryers that we provide, and asking that you dry your hair back at your pitch.
The advice has stated that hand dryers may continue to be used in shared and public toilet facilities.

We do not anticipate that we will need to have staff policing the facilities, as the flow of guests through the facility should be efficient, especially if guests follow our requests to be mindful of the government advice to avoid extended periods in shared spaces indoors, and considerate of others queueing behind them!

We will provide hand soap, alcohol hand sanitiser and wipes for guests to help keep themselves safe whilst using the facility, and will mark out socially distanced queues to help ensure everyone knows where to go!

What is Tersano SAO?

One of our key sanitisation products is Tersano Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO).

SAO is used around the world in healthcare, food service, education and more, to sanitise surfaces, with no toxins, carcinogens, or chemical residue.

We use a 2-stage process, first cleaning the surface, with SAO or a detergent, followed by the second stage of sanitisation with SAO.

Tersano SAO kills viruses and bacteria, and meets the EN 14476 testing standard required when choosing a product that is effective against Coronavirus. It is most effective when in contact with the surface for 60 seconds.
You may see our staff using spray bottles / misting devices to help deliver the sanitiser, and they may leave the SAO to air dry, rather than wiping off.

Tersano SAO test summary

SAO is harmless to humans, and only water and oxygen remains after sanitisation.

Will reception be open?

Yes, our team will be in reception as usual.

We will set out a clear queuing system for guests who wish to pop in to see the team, but they are also able to answer queries by email, phone, and FB messenger if you prefer.

We’ll provide as much of our usual check-in information as we can by email prior to arrival, and will give information about check-in options closer to your arrival date.

Will the shop be open?

Yes, the site shop will be open. We recognise that the local supermarkets may be busy, and we’ll do our best to keep stocked with all the essentials you may need.

It will be accessed only from the main shop door, rather than also through reception, so that we can have a one-way system. We will limit numbers allowed in the shop at one time, and ask you to sanitise your hands as you enter.

Will the swimming pool be open?


Coronaviruses do not survive in chlorinated pool water, so we feel confident that an outdoor pool is a safe facility to share with our guests, with sensible measures in place.

We were advised on Thurs 9th of July, that we could open the pool as early as Sat 11th of July.

We will reopen the pool as soon as possible after this date, as soon as we can get the chemicals balanced, pool heat on, and recruit the staff required to ensure that we can monitor bather load and sanitisation.

We are advised not to allow guests to use the pool showers/ changing rooms, and will ask that guests come ‘pool ready’ to swim, and return to their tent/caravan to change after swimming.

We will need to ensure that swimmer numbers meet the safety recommendations, and a booking / band system may be in place at busy times, to ensure that guests are able to get fair access to the pool.

Will the Stable Bar and Restaurant be open?

Yes, we will be serving food and drink from the Stable Bar!

Although we would love to welcome you into the bar or conservatory to eat and drink, we recognise the increased risk of spread of Coronavirus when people from separate households congregate in enclosed spaces.

As a result, at this stage, we anticipate that we will only be operating a take-away service throughout the season.

We are preparing to launch an online ordering service, so that guests can order their food without needing to come to the bar at that time, and we’ll have an efficient one-way system for collection from the conservatory that doesn’t have you needing to hang about at pick up time.

You’ll be able to order drinks from the bar, and we’ll have take-away cups and jugs (deposit required), so that you can take your favourite tipple back to your pitch, or enjoy on the Stable Bar patio!

Will the bus service to St Ives be available?

Yes, Royal Buses intend to run their service to and from Polmanter.

They will need to comply with guidance around social distancing and hygiene on the buses, including asking all passengers to wear face coverings.
With the need to reduce number of occupants on the bus, it may be trickier to rely on this service to get to and from the town, but they will keep the service under review, and will seek permission from the council to increase the frequency of buses if possible.

Local taxi firms have also risen to the challenge, and have followed guidance to install shields between drivers and passengers, offer contactless payment, and clean/ventilate the vehicle between journeys.

The walk to and from St Ives is still lovely! It takes around 30mins on the way down – a little longer back, since it is quite hilly!

Will the children's play areas be open?

Yes, our outdoor play areas will be open.

Unfortunately it is not safe or legal to open the indoor soft play area, and we anticipate that this will remain closed throughout the 2020 season.

We will expect parents to supervise their children to encourage them to observe social distancing. We will provide hand sanitiser at each park, and recommend that parents encourage children to use this, or handwashing facilities at the nearby amenity blocks.

We will not have staff stationed at the play areas, but our team will be vigilant for, and respond to complaints about, any children that are unsupervised and causing a nuisance or impairing the ability of other guests to follow social distancing guidance.

Will the tennis courts be open?

Yes, the tennis courts will be available to book, but you will be required to bring your own rackets and balls, as it is not easy to adequately sanitise loan equipment between users.

Will the putting green be open?

Yes, and we will use virucidal wipes to clean the clubs and balls between guests.

Will the games room be open?

No, unfortunately government guidance recommends that indoor facilities such as games rooms are kept closed at this stage.

We anticipate that this will remain the case throughout the 2020 season.

Will the spa treatment rooms be open?

Unfortunately, beauty and massage treatment facilities such as Escape are not permitted to open at this stage.
We have taken the decision to close the facility for the 2020 season, as we do not anticipate that this will be a service that will be safe to reopen for the foreseeable future.

Will the laundry room be open?

Yes, the laundry room will be open,

To promote safety, we will recommend a limit on the number of guests in the space at a time, and that you do not sit in the room to wait for your washing/drying to be complete.

You might want to bring your own laundry bag to make it easy to carry your laundry between the machines and back to your pitch once it is dry.

Will dishwashing facilities be open?

Yes, our dishwashing rooms at each amenity block will be open. We may need to reduce the number of sinks to achieve better distancing. You will need to bring your own washing up liquid.

These will be cleaned and sanitised regularly.

Will chemical toilet disposal facilities be available?

Yes, chemical toilet disposal facilities will be available.

These rooms also have hand washing facilities for your use. Government guidance suggests you may wish to use a face covering when using this facility. You may wish to bring your own, and we will also aim to keep a plentiful supply in the site shop.

What facilities will be closed this summer?

As sumarised above, we anticipate that the indoor soft play, games room and Escape spa treatment rooms will need to remain closed throughout the 2020 season.